Cultural Artefact : Film

First and foremost, what does cultural artefact mean? In my previous entry, cultural artefact is defined as almost anything created or used by a society of humans, giving great worth of information by whom it was used by. What came into mind was film.

Film, also known as a movie or motion picture, is a series of images static images compiled, creating an appearance of moving images. Cinematography, or cinema for short, is referred as the industry of film and filmmaking. In contemporary terms, cinema is defined as the art of communicating ideas, stories, feelings and perceptions by simulating experiences through recorded moving images.

Film has been used by men for many years to visualise a story told by a certain individual or group for the audience to experience and enjoy. From silent films to the action-packed CGI films of today, filmmakers are constantly producing films for the entertainment of the audience.


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