Development: Risk of plagiarism

Entry 5.

Since the internet is made accessible almost everywhere and at most times free to everyone; since most people find out news and what is trendy through the internet nowadays; is it not the perfect medium to share your artwork because it can get publicised instantly? As a designer, publishing your artwork helps to save physical space with the  feature to share publicly while you are at it however due to the human population increasing exponentially, many people are doing the same and also probably looking at your artwork at this very minute. Some may admire, some get inspired, but some may take your work and worst of all –  they may even claim it as their own. The speed of information, the volume of information, and the “democratisation” of publishing (Schmitz,2012) on the internet are some of the important aspects in which plagiarism occurs more frequently.

In short, the internet has its good and bad sides. It enables anyone to share their information and view information of others; which also means anyone can take things as their own. Thus the development of the internet does affect designers in multiple aspects.

References & Resources:

Cultures & Media. (2012). 1st ed. [ebook] Available at: [Accessed 14 Jan. 2016].



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