Bowie: The Internet

Entry 4.

Our lecturer Daniel shared with us a video of an interview which was made 15 years ago and it featured the late pop artist David Bowie. It shared his opinion on the impact of the internet and what he predicts it may be like in the future. I watched the video multiple times to grasp and reflect to what has been said.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 10.59.48 PM

In this video, David Bowie shared his thought on what he thinks the internet is and what it may be in the future, based on what he experiences at that time, 15 years ago. He expressed that when he was much younger, it was difficult to listen to trending music because there weren’t many mediums available at that allows people to tune in.

He believed that in the past, being a pop or rock star is a dodgy occupation as it was something out of the norm but now it has become a career opportunity. He stated that rock and roll has a rebellious, chaotic and nihilistic streak and that now the internet shows a similar nature. Nowadays it has become that art is more widespread with assistance from the internet. Over the years he noticed that both have changed from it being the artist as the main attention and the audience is the least important to it being as the audience is as important as the artist. He believes music correlates with the internet.

David Bowie also expressed that he likes the fact that there is a sense of anonymity on the internet and that there is no monopoly, probably only in the programs. Relating to the past, he said that art had no anonymity and lies; no such thing as duplicity or pluralism. But now with the internet, singularity no longer exists. He stated that he embraces the idea that there is a demystification between the artist and the audience.

He spoke of the potential of the internet, both good and bad, is something unimaginable, exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time. He disagreed that the internet is a tool but that it is an alien life form and that it just landed on earth and is yet to be explored.



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