Development: How does it affect designers

Entry 3.

The internet, mobile web, mobile apps are linked into one another; creating a big system made by systems. Over the years, technology is developing exponentially as people around the world are using it one way or another. Thus the internet having a vast expansion in a short amount of time.

 How are developments in these areas affecting the work of graphic designers or interactive designers?

At a designer’s aspect, the internet is used as a medium to display and promote their work.

Nowadays the internet is made accessible to almost everywhere and sometimes free to everyone (terms and conditions apply). Being made omnipresent in this generation, designers benefit this advantage to use the internet as a medium to display and promote their work.

But in reality nothing is free. The development in the internet, mobile web, mobile apps and so on does help publicise designers however this loses the sense of originality because different art styles are made known globally. This causes more competition amongst each striving artist and especially designer because the designer will be penalised if there is any plagiarism.


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