Choosing Questions.

Entry 1.

We are required to create a blog on Internet Cultures with a minimum of 5 entries based on our findings and research on one chosen question among a total of six other questions. After analysing through all the questions, I narrowed down my choices to questions 3 and 5.

Question 3. What is the relationship between the internet, mobile web, and mobile apps? How are developments in these areas affecting the work of graphic designers or interactive designers?

The internet is the platform where mobile web and mobile apps are found. Today, the internet plays a big role in the whole world; especially in both graphic and interactive designers’ work and lives. Designers use the internet as a medium to display and promote their work. Viewers are able to see all of these from access to the mobile web and apps. However there is always a downside to this – one’s work being replicated becomes inevitable.

Question 5. How do we know if something online is true?

Stories and news online nowadays get around very easily and instantly but sometimes no one knows for sure if they can really be trusted. Over years, at times even on reputable sites, there have been countless of cases of things blown out of proportion and may seem too good to be true. Discernment to critically analyse is need in every viewer and most importantly honesty in those who spread any content online.


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